What’s The Point?

10 October 2019

ANYONE WHO followed this year’s (2019) US Open will know that tennis is an amazing and sometimes highly emotional sport!

In both the men’s and women’s finals we saw young up and comers battle against true legends of the sport. Both matches were extremely exciting and saw opposite fortunes play out for youth and experience in each – but in the end, crowning a champion seemed almost irrelevant.

The level of sportsmanship, commitment and effort that all four players displayed was what will be remembered – but it didn’t happen by accident. These qualities were forged in the fire that is competitive play and I doubt any parent would be more proud to see their child display these characteristics regardless of the end result.

Tennis can also be a peculiar sport in the sense that a lot of junior players spend a disproportionate amount of time in coaching over the time they spend playing matches.

Coaching is a very important part of the sport as tennis has a variety of highly specialised skills but it can also become a safe haven for kids who will enjoy an hour socialising with friends and playing tennis related games. In the end, lack of challenge equals lack of motivation, and lack of motivation leads to kids moving on to other things where they miss out on discovering their potential as person not limited to the tennis court.

But matches, competitions, tournaments – it all sounds a bit daunting especially for a kid with little or no experience. We are extremely fortunate to have a great organisation in Leinster Tennis who are very aware of these factors and work hard to make competitive events as accessible and inclusive as possible.

So why not check out if there’s any upcoming tournaments in your area, follow this link and use the filter box in the top right corner to find suitable events for your child.

You won’t regret it!