Adult Tennis Lessons

Tennis is a lifetime sport that the whole family and both men and women can play together. It’s a great way to keep fit and meet new people but as you develop as a player you’ll learn the true benefits of the game. Tennis teaches mental strength, helps concentration and builds confidence.

Tennis lessons are the perfect way to get you started, from there we can assess your level and help you to achieve the goals you set when deciding to take up the sport.

Whether you’ve played before or are starting as an absolute beginner, we will make sure you gain the confidence needed to get the most from your tennis and become a better player.

Group Lessons

€65 members / €85 non members

  • 5 Lesson Courses throughout the year
  • Days & Times vary depending on time of year – Follow the link below to stay updated
  • Develop Fundamental Tennis Skills
  • Dynamic classes that make fitness fun
  • Make friends and find practice partners
  • Groups for Beginners, Improvers and Experienced players
  • Let me know when registration for the next term is open
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Private & Semi-Private Lessons

Members only - €60 per hour

  • Visit claremontrailwayltc.com for more information on membership
  • Focus 100% on what you need to improve
  • Learn to Win! Practice Singles & Doubles Matchplay
  • Video Analysis Technology to improve your technique
  • Try Semi-Private lessons with friends and split the cost with up to 4 people
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Tennis coaching at CRLTC offers an exceptionally high standard of coaching in a fun and relaxed environment.

The class ratios are always kept to a minimum and the price is very reasonable.

The coaches are very engaging and patient and create fun games so that it’s hard not to have a smile on your face for the duration of the lesson.
My 10 year summed the coaching up: “It’s class!”

Sinead Morgan


I have found Will’s coaching extremely helpful for improving my tennis. He finds just the right level so that you can take his advice on board and actually apply it during games. He has a lovely kind manner.

The kids love Will’s coaching it’s fun filled and social. It has helped them no end to improve their tennis and they look forward to his lessons every week.

Katie Redmond


Considering I skipped almost a generation in tennis I found Will’s naturally kind nature really humbled me. Picking up a childhood hobby again like tennis I would have thought needs serious work and purely with his coaching it’s been a breeze.

I’ve managed to play games outside of coaching. It’s been great and I always look forward to the next coaching session.

Louise McDermott


I have attended a number of Will Wilshere’s coaching programmes and also had a number of individual lessons. And I intend to attend more! The reason why is simple, Will always encourages, never criticises. He is a very attentive coach, recognising your strengths and the areas that need attention. And he never makes you feel lowly because of your weaknesses, instead he helps you address them with positive reinforcement and is full of praise when you make even the smallest steps.

He manages, within the group setting, to make it a very personal and individual experience. The groups are also great ways to meet other players in the club and develop your own game outside the lesson.

Crucially, Will has somewhat revolutionised my own serve, an awkward new grip that somehow works. I would highly recommend his coaching programmes.

Sophie Gorman